Still NO assocation

2019 will be another exciting year for all those at Raith seniors as we move to our new home for training and mathces, There will be no change to how the team is run as we become TENNENTS of Starks Park, Kirkcaldy. This means that over the next year we will be paying for use of the facilites.

Please note that despite our away kit being that of Raith Rovers FC we have NO formal assocation with the football club or Raith Rovers Community foundation.

We would emphasise we have NO formal association with the SPFL trust either. We were formed to provide a platform to get involved in playing football for our members, it's all about playing for the jersey, fitness through fun.

We would like to thank Raith Rovers FC for use of the stadium and the SPFL trust for the impetus in getting us started on the road to fitness.

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