East Fife 35's vs Raith Seniors

This was the first meeting between Raith and East Fife and not much good can be said about the Raith performance other that the outstanding display in goals by the returning goalkeeper Jason Houston.

Right from kick off Raith were off the pace off the pace of the game and never really got in to the game and it appeared they were sluggish after last weeks heroics against Kennoway.

East Fife took the lead half way through the first half after poor defending left the striker on goal leaving Jason with no chance. East fife quickly scored a 2nd goal but could have easily scored several more before half time if it wasn’t for Jason’s goalkeeping.

Raith lost Dera, Mercer, Bathgate and Anderson in the 2nd half due to injury and East Fife continued to push forward only scoring once in the 2nd half but once again it was the inspiration Jason Houston that kept the score down.

In summary 2 games in a week specially considering the effort in the Kennoway game was to much for the players and a result a below par performance on the field and this blame lies with the manager and will be considered in future.

Raith seniors are next match is at the Livingston 7 aside tournament.

Full time

East Fife 3-0 Raith Seniors