Falkirk over 35's vs Raith Seniors

Raith Seniors headed across the Forth for their first ever 11 aside meeting with Falkirk over 35's at the Falkirk Stadium on a warm Sunday lunch time.

Raith returned to a much stronger team that recent weekends with several players returning from injuries and family weekends away.

Match kicked off and Raith went straight at Falkirk from kick off and within the first few minutes of the match a shot from John Gemmell was tipped wide from the inspiration goalkeeper Dougie McCallum in goals. Gemmell wiped the corner in from the right that saw Mark Anderson rise above his marker and head over the bar, this set the tone of the first have with Raith seniors having 21 corners in the 1st 45 minutes.

Raith continued to push forward looking for the opener with the Falkirk post, bar and inspiration McCallum in goals for Falkirk keeping the score all level. Despite this Raith continued to push forward and when Gemmells 25 yard shot was tipped on to the post by McCallum and fell to Mark Anderson 5 yards out who took one touch and some how and even he doesn’t know how managed to strike the post with empty goals.

Raith continued to press forward and with some luck Falkirk managed to hold out until the half time whistle.


Second half continued much as the first but saw Falkirk finally get a shot on goal and it was a wonderful 25 yard strike that Jason Houston managed to get his hand to and touch it on to the underside of the bar. This woke up Raith again who continued on the attack but continued to waste chance after chance.

After 80 minutes and Falkirk's first corner saw some poor marking and Falkirk take the lead, it appeared it was going to be one of those days for Raith seniors.

Manager Jin Harvey made several changes immediate after the goal and changed the tactics and Raith pilled forwards in numbers for that goal they fully deserved.

On 90 minutes and Raith Seniors 30th corner of the match, Gemmell floated it to the box and the hardworking Kevin Mercer drilled the header in from 8 yards to draw Raith level.

During injury time Raith pushed for a winner but it just wasn’t to be


Falkirk1-1 Raith Seniors.