New home strip sponsors

On Monday 11th December 2017, our sponsorship scratch card was scratched. I am happy to announce that our new home strip sponsors is Morrison construction.

Morrison Construction is one of Scotland's leading contractor. Their award-winning portfolio covers a range of activities, from the construction of multi-million pound building and civil engineering projects to small works and repairs and maintenance.

Everyone at Raith Seniors AFC are happy to have their support for the coming year.

we are a post Raith Rovers ffit group with no formal association to the football club, though are run on the same principal as the football fans in training programme. We would emphasise we have NO association with the SPFL trust either. We were formed to provide a platform to get involved in playing football for our ffit members, it's all about playing for the jersey, fitness through fun.

We would like to thank Raith Rovers FC and the SPFL trust for the impetus in getting us started on the road to fitness.

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